We wish you a warm and joyful Holiday Season!


November/December 2019


We will be supporting Word & Deed for a mission work trip happening in the beginning of 2020, that I(Kim) hope to go on. The money will be going towards upgrades on buildings used for after-school and medical programs in Cubulco, Guatemala. 10% of our sales from all Oat Porridge Sourdough and Country Sourdough will be donated.

Past Months

September/October 2019


For the Months of September and October, with October being Infant and Pregnancy Awareness Loss Month we wanted to support our local Pregnancy Care Centre. we donated $64.67 from sales of  47 apple pies!

July/August 2019


 We raised $182.28 through sales of 121 Apple Rosemary Sourdough and 285 Country Sourdough to donate for Rehoboth Christian Ministries!  We chose this Foundation because our staff member, Heidi, donates her vacation time during her summers to volunteer at these summer camps!

June 2019


Once again this June we had the charity for the A-T Childrens Project - Canada! This great organization is working to find a cure for Ataxia-telangiectasia, which is a progressive, degenerative disease that affects a startling variety of body systems.   We sold a total of 480 vanilla slices which enabled us to donate $134.73 to them this year! 

May 2019


For Mental Heath Month we again chose Legacy Place Society, this time donating the percentage from our Cookie Sales. We sold a total of 219 dozen cookies which enabled us to donate $186.49 to help our first responders and front line workers who struggle with mental health as they help us with our physical health!

March/April 2019


Hungry for Life - Haiti envisions "a world transformed by a global movement of compassion and justice evidenced by the eradication of needless suffering." From Dinner Bun and Challah sales we were able to donate $167.64 towards a mission team that included one of our staff members, Stephanie. They worked in the community of Pignon, Haiti.

January/February 2019


We sold 812 apple and peach turnovers combined in January & February so we are able to donate $125.58 to the Ronald McDonald House in Calgary to help more families with sick children

December 2018


The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people today and everyday in 400 communities across Canada and more than 130 countries around the world. Through your purchases of 291 Christmas Squares, we were able to donate $47.80 to their cause.

November 2018


Legacy Place Society

We sold 172 Country Sourdough which allowed us to donate $75.84 to Lecacy Place Society to support Peace Officers, Fort Fighters, Emergency Medical Services, 911 Dispatchers & Military Families! We send our heartfelt thanks all who serve on the front lines!  

October 2018


 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we believe this is an important cause since one in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer! We sold 47 pumpkin pies  for a donation of $58.58 to help fight the fight against this disease 

September 2018


 We sold a total of 196 tarts combined in September! This allows us to donate $56.57 to the South Alberta FASD Network to help them with the important work that they do! 

July / August 2018


 We raised $49.75 through Ciabatta Bun sales to donate to this cause!  We chose this Foundation because one of our staff members, Heidi, donates her vacation time during her summers to volunteer at these summer camps!

June 2018


For June you all blew us away with the support for the A-T Childrens Project!   We sold a grand total of 642 vanilla slices which enabled us to donate $150 to this organization! Thanks to all of you this is still our record charity month to date! 

April / May 2018


Our Charity was Sandwiches with Soul - Lethbridge/Fort Macleod. Instead of donating the $$ amount we donated that value in bread! We sold 67 subs & 63pkg of sub buns to donate $77.77 or 45 loaves, this meant free bread for sandwiches in May-August & half  of October! 

March 2018


We were able to sell 198 Butterhorns and 40 chocolate croissants throughout the month which means we raised $47.30 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation! 

February 2018


 We sold 130 loaves of Apple Rosemary and Spelt Sourdough combined in February so we are able to donate $60.61 to the Ronald McDonald House in Calgary! Thanks to everyone who made this possible!  

December 2017/ January 2018


Thanks to all of you we were able to donate $105 dollars to Stephanos Foundation! A staff member, Kristina voluntereed with this organization in Malawi for six months. We sold 95dz Hot Cross Buns in December and 335 Cinnamon Buns in January to make this possible!

November 2017


We sold a total of 417 tarts in November and Thanks to all of you we were able to donate a total of $55 to Wounded Warriors Canada!